Top 10 Ways to Eliminate Bedbugs for Good

The problem of controlling the bed bugs is really daunting for many people as they have the tendency to hide in all sorts of places. They multiply really fast and in many cases they are not detected until there are hundreds of them. Here are the best 10 things that you can do in order to eliminate them for good.


You have to wash almost everything in your house that is washable at high temperature. Usually the bugs will die at 114 degrees. Also using the dryer might also help. The key is to give them the highest temperature possible.


It is important to vacuum the entire house and all the hidden corners and places. Vacuum hard and good and after this is over take the bag outside the house. Vacuum one last time after that.


Steam cleaning
The next step is to combine the high temperature with the vacuuming power. The steam cleaner is a great solution and you can go over your room while having really hot water in it.


The cold seems to be really effective. The only problem is that everything has to be below the freezing point for a couple of weeks. Most people cannot afford that.


As the chemicals seem to work wonders, it is vital to select some that will not affect your skin. You should use them in places that you do not use so often like drapes or box springs.


Mattress elimination
If you are infested with bedbugs, you have to toss the mattress away for good. If you only confront with a mild case, the usage of chemicals on the mattress can be recommended. After that you should put it into a bag that is waterproof.


Diatomaceous Earth
This product is actually made from fossils of algae which were grounded up to powder. The bedbugs will be killed as they will crawl over it.


Tape or traps
You may use the tape method to monitor the pests. In most cases they will stick to the tape or get into the traps. But this method is not that fast working.


Tree leaf and thyme
These two ingredients are actually repellents of bedbugs. They cannot kill them, but they keep them away. The thing is that bed bugs are very resistant and can even reproduce after a year of not eating anything.


The neem extract and oil is great for soothing the itching zones. The oil keeps the bedbugs from climbing over you while you sleep.


The truth is that it may take a while to get rid of all the bed bugs by using these methods. It is important to stop them before them spread through your house. If you feel that you cannot handle the task by yourself, you should consider about hiring someone specialist. He will be able to tackle the problem with professional methods and help you get rid of bedbugs in a faster and easier way without having to go through all these ten steps over and over again.

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