Types of Pest Control Methods

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS” – this idiom tells us that people long to be at home because it is the place where you get solace and peace of mind.  At home you have all the things that you want and all the members whom you love. Unfortunately sometimes some unwanted members may also make home there. These unwanted members are the pests and bugs. You find them in every corner of your house and they stay there happily making their own dwellings. To get rid of them today we have some pest control techniques. These techniques vary from place to place but have been there in different forms since ages.


Once you detect the bug infestation you need to apply the most effective technique to deal with bed bugs. So in order to use the best technique one must be acquainted with all the techniques available. One of the common type pest controls is the use of repellents. The repellents which are easily available can be used in different corners and backyards of your house. You need to find the proper place where the pest or bug is mostly found or lives and then spray or keep the repellent there. The repellent has a kind of odor which makes the pest run away. It may also have noise making devices which are capable of producing large sounds to scare away the pest.


The next one is spray. Sprays are used on a variety of pests and bugs like mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches and so on. The spray can be directly sprayed on the population. It is like and instant solution.  Fogs are also used if there is recurring appearance of the insects. While carrying out a fog treatment it is highly recommended to vacate the place and then carry out the work.


The third one is the traps. Traps can be a solution to get rid of small as well as large pests like Rats. Traps are designed in a manner that the insect when enters it gets trapped and cannot move and hence can be thrown of out the premise. The trap has an opening through which one can place some food noticing or smelling which the insect like rat or any other rodent would come towards it and get trapped. Some glued traps are also used for insects like cockroaches where the insect sticks to the trap. One should be very careful while using traps. It is a very effective way of pest control. Once you catch the creature is trapped you can take it and release it elsewhere without killing or hurting it.


The last technique is using poisoned bait. This is again a very effective way of killing the insects. All you need to do is keep the poisoned food or tablet somewhere near to the insect and wait until it eats. After the consumption the insect dies. However this technique can prove lethal as it can also kill innocent animals like pets or stray dogs that roam around.

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