Tips for Effectively Dealing with Bed Bugs

  • Look out for possible hide-outs:

Bed is not the only hiding place for bed bugs. There are many other places where you need to look for them. Some of them are as follows:
•    Head boards and cracks of bed frames
•    Beneath couches, beds and chairs
•    In the nightstands, dressers and drawers
•    Around window casings and doors
•    Behind electrical switch plates
•    Under loose wallpaper, posters and paintings, etc.


  • Vacuum daily:

Vacuuming is considered to be one of the most effective ways to deal with bed bugs. It is essential to vacuum different areas of your home. Ensure to turn around the mattresses, furniture and box springs as these are the locations where beg bugs are general located. You need to pay special attention to folds, seams and creases. Additionally, vacuum baseboards, floors and furniture, and wherever you feel it’s hiding location of bed bugs. Empty the vacuum when you’ve completed with the vacuuming of your home. In order to kill the bugs, you should consider placing the vacuum bag in a freezer.


  • Clean your bed linens:

One of the key information about bed bugs is that they can’t handle extreme temperature. This is one of the reasons why you need to wash your bed linens regularly in hot water. If you feel that hot water may damage your linen, then you can consider washing your linen in hot water, then place them hot dryers for 30 minutes. You need to follow the same procedure for sheets, pillowcases, blankets and pillows. You don’t need to worry about tossing your favorite cloth in hot water because it won’t be damaged by this procedure, but you will certainly get rid of bed bugs.


  • Move the bed:

If you’d have noticed, in most cases, bed bugs reach your bed through walls, so if you keep your bed away from wall and ensure that any sheet doesn’t touches the wall, then you can certainly avoid bed bugs. But, you need to also understand that once they have landed on your bed, then they would not leave the location unless you remove take efforts to remove them.


  • Wall holes:

Spend an hour on inspecting every nook and corner of your home in order to check for cracks. You need to fill all the holes in your homes. Even small holes are homes for bed bugs. If you can’t fill up a hole, then take professional help, but ensure at the end, there’s no unnecessary hole left in your home.


  • Inspect Furniture:

If you’re purchasing new furniture, then you need to ensure that it doesn’t have any bugs. In most cases, new furnitures are homes of bed bugs and without your knowledge they enter your home and start sucking your blood.


  • Cover the pipes:

Bed bugs also travel along the pipes or open wires, so it’s essential for you to cover these pipes and wires in order to keep bed bugs at bay.


  • Pesticides:

There are a plethora of harmful and deadly pesticides available in the market. Therefore, it is advisable to consult an expert before choosing a pesticide to use in your home for dealing bed bugs.


  • Traveling:

Even the most renowned hotel might have bed bugs. When you’re traveling, you need to make it a point to check your hotel room and see if you can figure out signs of bed bugs. Thoroughly inspect bed sheets, pillows and mattresses. If you don’t find anything, still you need to go ahead and use a bug repellant.
You need to understand that bed bug can give you a harrowing experience, so before they become uncontrollable, you need to take effective steps. You can consider hiring a pest control specialist, as he would take effective steps for eradicating bed bugs. Also, try to apply the above mentioned tips, as they go a long way in dealing with bed bugs.


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