How to Get Rid of Household Pests in a Harmless Way

Right from the adjacent yard to bedroom, household pests seem to be omnipresent. Because most of them can be harmful, householders usually prefer a pesticide to get rid of them quickly and effectively.  However, these pesticides are also harmful to us, at the same time perhaps because of the unsafe chemicals contained in them, which are known to cause several chronic ailments including the respiratory ones.


Therefore, it is better to choose an organic, natural, harmless way to get rid of household pesticides. The best way is simply to avert them from entering in our homes. However, because this simple way might not be practical feasible for all critters, some more ways that are harmless for both the environment and human health need to be employed. Here are a few such ways to get rid of household pests.


For Mosquitoes


A simple homemade repellant can make these pests stay away from your home. One of the essential repellants can be prepared simply by mixing 10 drops of lavender and peppermint oils, 1/2 teaspoon glycerin, three ounces of witch hazel, and four ounces of distilled water. Similarly, you can even consider making another repellant by mixing lavender oil, lemon juice, and homemade vanilla extract. The latter one is a simple recipe that even a kid can make.


If mosquitoes trouble you in your yard, consider sprinkling crushed garlic over the grass. You might not like it but mosquitoes do not like it either, which is good.




These pests are more annoying in the warm summer months, especially in kitchens packed with fresh fruits. For keeping these flies at bay, consider adding a few ounces of apple cider vinegar to some drops of dish detergent and pouring the mix in a little cup placed near the fruits. The flies will go away quickly. Although there are some more ways, this one is the easiest one to work every time for any type of flies.




Instead of killing them, this time, try using orange oil or any organic spray with orange oil. Just spray this oil around the doorframe as well as windows for deterring them. This is because spiders do not like citrus items at all. They actually hate it!


Moreover, spiders love to be in damp and dark places, which are ideal for them to hide. Therefore, always keep suspicious places dry as well as sunshined. Even vacuuming is always successful in keeping these insects along with many more, away.




Getting a mice trap is a treatment but how about taking a precaution to keep them at bay? Well, for precaution, consider sealing cracks or holes in any corner of your home with steel wool. This wool is hard, which means pests such as mice cannot chew through.



Why kill so trivially visible creatures rudely? It is best to keep them away by making a narrow, continuous trail of cayenne pepper, salt, or black pepper across their path. Ants also do not like a few herbs having strong odors such as mint, tansy, clove, and rue. Therefore, you can place the plants of these herbs near trouble spots.




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